Sales Training & Coaching

I’ll work with you and your sales team over the next 6 months and in the first 90 days, I’ll show you how to increase your sales by 30% or more using my Customised Selling System.

At Dunhill we do things a little differently.

We designed our own Sales Training Program within our Sales Coaching process.
Currently companies have 2 options (1) they bring their Sales Team together, from sometimes around the country, into a training room and run a 3 day sales training program – this type of training gets limited results and is very costly, both in up front expenses and lost revenue from having their team out of the field.

Option number (2) is online programs – these can be effective, yet without ongoing support, via coaching, also have limited results.
We created our own unique process by combining Sales Training with ongoing Sales Coaching.

Our Process:

  • One hour of weekly Sales Training / Coaching per Sales Consultant – via: Face To Face meeting – Zoom – Phone
  • Phone support when needed - based on a particular issue that needs immediate action
  • Unlimited Email support

Sales Training & Self Leadership Content:

Harry has worked personally with 3 of the following 5 International Trainers and Business Consultants:

Marshall Thurber:
(Harry has spent several years under the guidance of Marshall Thurber)

  • Recognised as possibly the greatest trainer the world has ever seen
  • Creator of the hugely successful “Money & You” program - that has been run all over the world for decades
  • Marshall has been a mentor of such greats as – Anthony Robbins – Harv T. Eker – Robert Kiyosaki to name a few

Marshall spent 10 years with each of the following mentors:

Buckminster Fuller:

  • Awarded 37 Honorary Doctorates
  • Futurist
  • Inventor
  • Architect
  • Visionary

W. Edwards Demming:

  • Engineer
  • Professor
  • Statistician
  • Author
  • A US News and World Report said this of Demming “Dr Demming’s guiding role in the Japanese economic miracle that ranks as one of 9 “Hidden Turning Points” in world history – up there with the Birth Control Pill and The Mission of the Apostle Paul

Dan Millman:
(Harry has worked under the guidance of Dan Millman on several occasions)

  • Prolific author on personal development - leadership and seminar facilitator

Wayne Berry – Founder Top Gun Business Academy:
(Harry has spent several years working alongside Wayne Berry)

  • International Sales Trainer and Sales Coach

Why This Style Of Training & Coaching Works:

  • Flexibility – meetings and discussions are fluid based on real life circumstances as they happen
  • Adaptability - the Training is adapted to the individual based on their particular circumstances and prior experience and knowledge
  • Goal orientated program
  • Accountability – each Sales Consultant is held accountable each week to practice what is taught and coached, to improve their skill set and hence get better Sales Results
  • Sales Results - when improved sales skills mixed with heightened motivation and discipline – the only outcome is increased sales results – and these results can be incredible


$990including GST per month per Sales Consultant (up to 10 Consultants)
  • Over 10 consultants - fee negotiable
  • Paid monthly prior to Training & Coaching commencement
  • No lock in contracts – can be started and stopped anytime


  • If not completely satisfied within any particular month the full fee is refunded
  • Does not apply to any previous month’s training & coaching

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